Squaw Valley & Sierra-at-Tahoe

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December 26, 2019 to December 27, 2019

Booking Deadline: December 26, 2019

Bus Only $275.00


Pick Up Locations

  • San Jose Park n Ride -- Time: 4:00am
  • San Francisco - 16th St -- Time: 4:50am
  • Walnut Creek - Park n Ride -- Time: 5:30am

The Hotel Trips will include your tickets for both days (unless you have a season pass) breakfast both days, as well as transportation and lodging all included in the above pricing. 

Rentals can be tricky on these Hotel trips - we never go to the Same resort in back to back days with Hotel trips, so the best idea is to go to Rentskis.com/tahoeskitrips and choose an Any Mountain near you and just pick them up.  WE HIGHLY RECCOMMEND that you get the rental equipment in advance - if you do not we of course have options, and will gladly help you out.!  

Family Pricing (more than 2 to a room)  please call the office.  925-680-4386

or email the office at office@tahoeskitrips.net and we will get back to you asap!  


IF YOU NEED TO RENT CLOTHING, GLOVES, GOGGLES...GO TO https://www.lastmingear.com/?utm_source=referral&referer=tst

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