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  • Weekday

    Calling all Weekday Warriors.... Jump on one of our weekay trips to avoid the lines, get specialized Apres Snacks, save some cash and escape the monotony of the work week!!  

  • 2 Day Hotel Trip

    If the 1-Day trips are a bit rough for you, no problem, we got Hotel Trips that include Lodging, Lift Tickets, Transportation and breakfast both mornings!  We stay at the Beach Reatreat & Lodge, just a few minutes from downtown South Lake Tahoe, and nestled on the beach of Lake Tahoe.  Hop on a Hotel trip and get 2 days of skiing at 2 different resorts in Tahoe!  

  • Weekend

    Our Ski Bus Trips to Lake Tahoe are hassle-free Family fun! For ages 4 up. Let us do the planning and driving, while you and your kids sleep on the way up, have a great day on the Tahoe slopes and then watch movies on the ride home! It’s a No Brainer!