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  • Weekday (1-Day)

    Calling all Weekday Warriors.... avoid the heavy traffic, long lines and overcrowded slopes by jumping on one of our weekday trips. There has never been a better reason to play hookie!

  • 2 Day Hotel Trip

    Join us for an exciting weekend of skiing! Our hotel trips include Transportation to 2 different resorts, Lodging in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, and breakfast on Sunday morning!  We stay at the Beach Reatreat & Lodge, just a few minutes from The Heavenly Village, and nestled beachfront on Lake Tahoe.    

  • Weekend (1-Day)

    Our Ski Bus Trips to Lake Tahoe are hassle-free Family fun! For ages 4 up. Let us do the planning and driving, while you and your kids sleep on the way up, have a great day on the Tahoe slopes and then watch movies on the ride home! It’s a No Brainer!