Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Service do we offer?
    We run pre-scheduled trips from the Bay Area to various ski resorts in Lake Tahoe. Our package options can be as simple as transport only, or can include lift ticket, rentals, or lessons all at a reduced whole-sale pricing. In addition to catering to single passengers and families we specialize in private group or corporate trips of up to 1000 people.


  1. What is the Itinerary for a one-day trip?
    Our buses pick up at the specified locations between 4:00 am and 5:30 am. We usually arrive at the resort between 8:15 am and 8:45 am depending on road conditions. Buses depart from resorts at 4:30 pm sharp and drop off in the bay area between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm, again depending on road conditions.


  1. Can I leave my belongings on the bus?
    Yes! The bus has plenty of storage, and you are welcome to leave your belongings behind while you hit the slopes! Please note however that the bus will be locked from the time it arrives at the resort until 3:00 pm, so anything you choose to leave on the bus you will not have access to


  1. What should I wear / bring on the bus?
    We recommend you wear comfortable clothes so you can sleep on the ride up. You are welcome to bring a neck pillow, backpack, snacks, and of course all of your gear. The bus has ample storage underneath for board / ski bags.


  1. Is there a bathroom on the bus?


  1. Is there any food included in the cost of the trip?
    Yes, though not substantial as we provide plenty of water, juices and enough snack bars for everyone.  It's highly advisable to also bring your own food, and to be sure that you eat while at resort as we will NOT be stopping during trip home for food.


  1.  Can I ride up one day and come back on a different day?
    This is a common question these days and Yes, All are possible
    - A "One Way" ride TO Lake Tahoe is the same as the Round Trip price since we would rarely be able to sell your seat on the way back. You simply need to let the host know upon boarding the bus that you will not be returning.
    - As far as the return trip, you will need to contact the office directly to arrange this. The cost for a return ride is $45, however these seats are not sold in advance in case of the bus being rerouted due to weather / road conditions, and thus not arriving at it’s original destination.


  1. Can I bring my dog?
    Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the buses.


  1. Where do we stay during the hotel trips?
    Hotel trip lodging is at the Beach Retreat and Lodge. This is a lake front property with fireplaces in each room, a bar and restaurant on site, heated pool and hot tub. It is a 3 minute drive (or Uber ride) from the Heavenly village and casinos.


  1. What is the itinerary for the hotel trips?
    We depart the Bay Area on Saturday morning per usual and head straight to the first resort to ski. We depart the resort at 4:30 pm and head to the Beach Retreat for our overnight stay. The bus departs the hotel at 7:30 am on Sunday to go to the second resort for day 2 of skiing. The bus departs the resort at 4:30 pm on Sunday to return to the Bay Area. Breakfast is included both mornings of the trip!


  1. What is your cancellation policy?
    If you choose to cancel a trip at least 5 days in advance you may receive a full refund. Once you are within 5 days of a trip cancellation will result in forfeiture of the bus cost ($89). Unused lift tickets, lessons, or rentals can be refunded fully at any point.


  1. What do rentals include?
    Rentals include skis or board, poles, boots, and an option to get a helmet.


  1. Can we rent snow clothes through you?
    No. Snow pants, jackets, gloves, and goggles will be your responsibility to provide. We do partner with if you would like to rent your snow clothes from them before departing.


  1. What happens in stormy / bad weather?
    TST travels "snow or shine".  If the road is closed to the scheduled resort, we will re-route to another resort on another freeway.  If we cannot reach a ski resort, we will return home and everyone will receive a refund minus a $50 transportation charge. (The bus still costs money).  If it is stormy at the resort, any credits on lift tickets will need to be taken up with the resort staff.  In over 20 years of hosting ski trips, I can't tell you how many times the media predicted a "major storm" (it's news-worthy ya know) and the weather was actually great at the resort.  Storms are great - they bring powder!  As long as the roads are open and safe, we go!
    A) Day Trips:
           - More than 5 days in advance - FULL Refund
           - Between 3-5 days in advance - FULL CREDIT will be issued for future use.
           - Within 72 hrs of scheduled trip - results in complete forfeiture of monies paid.
           - Cancelltion within 8 days results forfeiture of all monies paid.