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December 15, 2019

Booking Deadline: December 15, 2019

Bus Only $79.00


Includes Round Trip bus transportation, continental breakfast (bagels & cream cheese, yogurt, juice and water), afternoon snacks (sweets, salty snacks, water, soft drinks).

Available Terrain may/will be very limited based on snow conditions.

FOR EQUIPMENT RENTALS ONLY PLEASE GO TO  www.rentskis.com/tahoeskitrips for a special Tahoe Ski Trip Rental Discount.  

If you are getting a package that includes the rentals you do NOT have to use the rentskis.com site.  

You can pick up your rentals at the resort, or alternatively, you can go to one of the Any Mountain Locations near you and pick them up and drop them off there!  

IF YOU NEED TO RENT CLOTHING, GLOVES, GOGGLES...GO TO https://www.lastmingear.com/?utm_source=referral&referer=tst

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